Updates for the Week: July 13, 2015

I didn’t get as much done last week as I wanted, but I did make some good progress. I finished JavaScript Road Trip Part 3 on CodeSchool, which really pairs well with Javascript: The Good Parts. They both get into some concepts and features beneficial to developers who have a basic level of experience and want to dive deeper and gain a better understanding of the language. I’m planning on finishing the book this week!

I also finally finished the blog post I started over a month ago! I talk about how I got my new job and some of the ups and downs I’ve been experiencing since making a career change. I am trying to get into more of a habit of blogging more often, so the second task on my list for the week is to put up another longer post by the end of the weekend. Not sure what it’ll be about yet, but right now I am looking at a list of topics I’ve already brainstormed, so I have plenty to choose from. I can thank John Sonmez and his free blogging course for that. It really helped me get my act together and put this blog up!

I did some more research on writing skills for the Amazon Echo. I read some of the docs and design guidelines, but still need to get into the sample code more. Today at lunch I picked up this new little Kindle book on developing Alexa skills. It’s a short little read (I got through most of it on my lunch break), but it does a good job of summarizing writing skills for the Echo and provides some insightful advice on developing for a voice interface. Definitely worth the $.99 if you want to develop for the Echo.

This week I’ve started working on getting a local dev environment set up to simulate the python/django/postgres/gunicorn/nginx stack I have set up on a VPS for the game project I am starting. I really need to get a Docker or Vagrant solution put together, but in the short term I’ll get something running locally that I can start developing on.

To sum up my plans for the week:

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