Weekend Update: July 25, 2015 – JS, User Stories, Projects

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

I finally finished JavaScript: the Good Parts. I got some good insight into some of the better ways to use JS and how to not use the bad parts. I’m adding the book Eloquent JavaScript and the CodeSchool course JavaScript Best Practices to my JS learning track. Haven’t been using much JS at work lately but I do plan on learning and using Node for an Amazon Echo app. Also will be using it soon on the front end of the webgame I’m planning.

I read the first half of User Story Mapping for a book club at work. I plan on finishing it up in the next few days. Our book club met on Friday and had a pretty good discussion about what we took away from our reading so far. We actually used the technique last week during a microservice planning meeting. I’ve started using a version of it along with Trello to plan out a game I am working on with a friend who lives in another city.

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I’ve also started using Trello for organizing some other things I usually keep track of on a whiteboard, or not at all. For example, I moved my blog post idea list from a whiteboard on my bookshelf to a Trello list. I’ve been wanting to finish some of the many books I have started, so I created a board to keep lists of the books I started and prioritize the one I want to finish next. I have a new goal of finishing one book per week, and I think this will help me stay focused on that one book. (And not start reading more books, which happens a lot.)

I started using Taiga.io for managing the development of the webgame we are working on. It’s pretty lightweight but has Slack and GitHub integrations, among others. There is a free public option, free private option (while in beta), plus it’s open source so you can host it yourself. I’m liking it so far!

So I mentioned the game I’ve been planning. I talked an old friend into collaborating on it, so I am starting to get more serious about it. (Serious about having fun with it, that is.) I need to nail down a dev environment solution, even if that means writing up a set of install instructions. I’d like to get a Vagrantfile worked up eventually, but it might be good to do it manually again and document everything for myself, and our wiki… and this blog.

I also plan on doing a little front-end design brainstorming this weekend. Also want to get the Git repo set up on the server and Github so we can start collaborating. Probably won’t get everything finished that I want, but it’s hot as hell outside and I have all weekend to read and hack.

To sum up my current programming plans:

  • Finish reading User Story Mapping
  • Get webgame dev environment install instructions written up
  • Do some design brainstorming

Non programming plans include:

  • Not going outside
  • Well, waking up real early Sunday and mowing the lawn
  • Then not going outside again until Monday
  • Reading some comic books. Really excited about reading Island #1
  • Drinking a beer. In fact, I think I’ll have an IPA right now.


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