A Lead Generation Case Study

A Case Study of a Radical Lead Generation Form Redesign

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been busy with work and life, of course.

I’ve joined a new development team where I work. Part of our goal is to improve the leads generated and converted through the part of the website we deal with. This quarter, I am learning more about lead generation and conversion, AB testing, Google Analytics, user experience, as well as a slew of other, more technically-oriented things. Now that I really think about it, I’ve got a ton on my plate this quarter!

While searching for some recent articles about AB testing, I came across this case study article on the Optimizely blog. The study focuses on a case where Dale Carnegie wanted some help improving their lead generation forms. Dale Carnegie hired Americaneagle.com to redesign and test their lead generation forms to improve signups.

The forms had several obvious problems, and the client company wanted fast results. These two factors lead the consulting company to decide to take a radical redesign approach, instead of an incremental, change-measure-learn approach. By making several simultaneous changes, measuring the difference in the form’s effectiveness, then applying the test to other forms, the consulting company was able to significantly increase the number of leads created from the forms.

This approach isn’t appropriate for every situation. You lose the ability to pinpoint which changes made the biggest impact. But in this case, it did seem like a reasonable approach, and was very effective. Now that the company has better performing forms, they can do smaller, more incremental tests to gain even more extra performance from the improved forms.